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Integrating wellness into a company can be a complex process and requires support from top to bottom. Taking into consideration budget, employee health status and employee interest are just a few of the factors that impact engagement and Return on Investment (ROI).

Our expert professionals have over a decade of experience in developing wellness strategies that can significantly impact your bottom line in a very short period of time. We can power employers and providers with any of the following solutions to meet your wellness needs:

  • Collaboration of providers from multiple business entities/stakeholders to preserve individual choice

  • Focus on services for the betterment of the population not just the monetary benefit of the businesses involved

  • Access to trained providers that are culturally competent and offer diversity to serve those populations within the catchment area

  • Seamless coordination of services and dedication to communication across provider boundaries while maintaining HIPAA guidelines

  • Dedication to data and outcomes to hold relevant partners accountable for best practices and outcomes

  • Integration of non-profit entities and community resources such as community centers, farmers markets and YMCA's

  • Core focus on behavioral health with inclusion of mental health providers that can train providers to identify behavioral health needs as well as deliver direct services to participants

Technology only matters if you have people using it the way it was designed. Only after we establish engagement, do we deploy technology to capture the meaningful data that informs engagement patterns.

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