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We offer you 3 easy ways to engage with our company.

BUILD: You can choose to build a team locally and become a "Firestarter" for creating healthier more engaged communities.

JOIN: You can join an already existing team by searching our network of providers. 

GROW: You can help us grow teams by becoming a channel marketing sales representative. 

Build a Team 

Whether you already have an existing business or want to start one, we have a turnkey low risk solution for you to become a change agent in your community. All you need to have is a passion for engaging with people and growing a team of providers around you. We have all the infrastructure you need including: 

  • Training your team 
  • Negotiating contracts to get you paid
  • Capturing the data
  • Reporting the data 
  • Generating more sales 
  • Continuous process improvement through our Learning Management System (LMS)

Join a Team 

You may have a passion for engaging in health and wellness but perhaps you don't quite have that entrepreneurial spirit. Don't worry! You can still become a part of this movement by joining and already existing team guided by amazing thought leaders and change agents. Depending on the team, you may become an employee or an independent contractor.  We are continuously looking to grow our pipeline of dedicated providers to join PORT teams. So even if you're not sure what this all us for more information and we can keep you on the list of providers in our database. 

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Grow a Team

Our sales team is seeking to grow our marketing sales channels by bringing on driven, passionate and knowledgeable sales representatives. Do you have a lot of contacts in your community? Have you made a name for yourself in a particular industry that might be interested in our health and wellness services? Do you know a lot of clinicians that might be interested in becoming a provider or building a team? 

Reach out to us so you can learn more about our sales opportunities! The requirements are simple. Be Engaged! 

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