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Technology has grown at an exponential rate and in fact, an observation made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965, now coined as "Moore's Law" predicts that computer processing speed will double every 18 months. In many ways the Technology Revolution (TR) is now considered to be the equivalent to the Industrial Revolution (IR) by utilizing inventions that were built during the time of the IR and enhanced them exponentially.

However, not all developments spawned from the TR are to our benefit particularly in regards to our overall health. The application of technology too many times is to replace vs. inform human interaction. We spend time looking at screens, communicating via emails versus face to face and send text instead of call. Our jobs require us to be consumed by technology in one form or another just so we can be efficient enough to match the demands of production. Technology can drive engagement though should not replace the interaction with a team.

Keep in mind the following tips when thinking about how to apply technology to your wellness program:

  • Apply technology only when it ENHANCES not replaces the human interaction 
  • Ensure that data captured via technology is valid and reliable
  • Collect data that has a purpose (don't collect it just because you can)
  • Integrate what the "majority" of people would use not what the minority actually uses 

  • Keep it simple - just because we have the means to build it doesn't mean we need to use it
  • Design programs that provide people an escape from technology 
  • Build a strong support foundation to manage the varying degrees of comfort people have with technological applications
  • Understand that not everything integrates and there is not a one size fits all especially when you include multiple providers with their own set of technology needed to run their business 

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