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As a healthcare provider, you have been forced on some level to adopt electronic health/medical record systems. We spend more time entering data and checking boxes so we can get reimbursed and struggle with lack of time to do what we love: Engage with a human being. 

Everyone spends more time looking at screens, communicating via emails versus face to face and send texts instead of calling. Our jobs require us to be consumed by technology in one form or another just so we can be efficient enough to match the demands of production. 

Technology can drive engagement though should not replace the interaction with a team or a patient. In fact, much of the investment in technology and wearables is lost as a high percentage of users abandon them within the first 6 months.  

As a provider, you probably still have many patients that prefer paper over screens or seek to use wellness as a way to get away from technology because they sit at a computer all day. 

As a PORT provider, you will always be able to put human engagement first. Technology is only successful when we consider the following before we integrate it into any program. 

  • Apply technology only when it ENHANCES not replaces the human interaction 
  • Ensure that data captured via technology is valid and reliable
  • Collect data that has a purpose (don't collect it just because you can)
  • Integrate what the "majority" of people would use not what the minority actually uses 

  • Keep it simple - just because we have the means to build it doesn't mean we need to use it
  • Design programs that provide people an escape from technology 
  • Build a strong support foundation to manage the varying degrees of comfort people have with technological applications
  • Understand that not everything integrates and there is not a one size fits all especially when you include multiple providers with their own set of technology needed to run their business 

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